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In an effort to make a traditional method sparkling wine with nothing added we went back to the basics.  We focused on the beautiful acidity found in BC fruit, stayed true to two ferments (one in neutral oak, the second in bottle), utilized outdoor cold for stabilization, and let mother nature and time govern the flavour profile.  This wine, THIS WINE!, is a traditional method natural sparkling wine = “trad-nat”.

How do you naturally achieve a second fermentation without adding sugar and yeast pre-bottling?

The base wine, the “first ferment” juice, is allowed to ferment dry, utilizing only indigenous yeast, in neutral barrels and then stored for twelve months with no sulphur on a small amount of lees until the following vintage.  In that following vintage, we utilize fruit from the same site which also wild ferments, the “second ferment” juice, and at precisely the right moment we add the second ferment juice, while still fermenting, to the first ferment juice with the goal that it will achieve traditional method pressure in bottle.  The tank rests for a day to allow the fermentation to acclimatize and then we bottle it.  This wine typically ages on lees in bottle for four months before it is hand riddled and hand disgorged with no dosage.

The goal of this wine is to make traditional method sparkling wine with nothing added.  There was uncertainty whether the natural yeasts in the base juice were strong enough to ferment through the addition of the second ferment juice, and whether it would take the finished product to dryness.  We’ve been delighted with the outcome.

With our first Trad-Nat release in 2018, this successful experiment holds some very exciting prospects for us: we can explore examples of vineyard specific profiles that will use the same vineyard location to inoculate a base wine with the hopes that we will be able to achieve more complex single vineyard examples showcasing a sense of place that spans multiple years and aging times.  Cheers!

Please keep in mind these are “non-vintage” products (“NV”) as they combine multiple vintages together.


We are beyond excited to introduce you to North America’s first sparkling orange wine!  Made in the traditional method (two fermentations) over two years the 2018 Estate Chardonnay was kept on skins for a year in tank (given it the orange hue) and then we add the 2019 Estate Chardonnay once it starts to wild ferment to kick start the second fermentation.  The year on skins gives this wine an incredible depth and structure and the addition of the current vintage leaves the first impression fresh and lively. 


  • Assemblage: 100% Bella Estate Chardonnay
  • Released June 1st, 2020
  • Product: 750ml | CSPC +165712 | SOLD OUT | 650 Bottles
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