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2020 vineyard series portfolio

At Bella the underlying philosophy is to produce sparkling wines of exceptional quality.

Our vineyard series program is made in the traditional method which is two fermentations. The first fermentation is feral (wild and without the addition of nutrients or enzymes) and ferments dry in tank located on our property.  The second fermentation is in bottle: we are careful to take the primary fermented-dry juice to another facility, off-site, and there we add the sugar and yeast to the juice prior to bottling for the second fermentation.  No commercial yeast is used on our property. The wine is not filtered.  The wines will spend approximately six to eight months on lees after which the majority of our vineyard series is either hand riddled or machine riddled and machine disgorged.  All the wines are finished brut natural in style, with no dosage added.

Bella exclusively produces single vineyard, single varietal sparkling wines as we believe each vineyard has a different personality that comes through in the grapes produced.  We intentionally do not provide tasting notes as, just like when two people meet, what you pick up from someones personality may be different from what we pick up.

The 2020 vintage definitely had some “firsts” for us.  Typically, we pick the fruit for sparkling earlier in the season (late August to mid September).  We had an unseasonable wet May and June which meant the vine foliage bolted with growth.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the heat units in June, due to the wet whether, that normally kicks off the fruit growth season.  Because of this, ripening took longer and we didn’t start harvest until September and were still picking fruit in mid-October!  Definitely a first for us.  This extended hang time meant the skins were darker and thicker and therefore we extracted more colour from the same amount of skin/juice contact time as seen in previous years.  Expect your favourite pink bubbles to have a darker hue this year.    We hope you enjoy!

2020 Vineyard Series Ingredients: grapes, champagne yeast EC118, granulated sugar, 25 PPM (parts-per-million) sulphur.

2020 sparkling rosé – Buddha’s Blend

First released in 2017, Buddha’s Blend (aka “B2” and named after our bulldog) has become the affordable staple in our line up.  B2 is our only vineyard series blend and is composed of lees juice from chardonnay and gamay pressings.  Fun and playful, just like our bull dog, this is your pink, summer-sipper, “go-go” juice.  The 2020 vintage of B2 is brighter in colour and in flavour.  It is about 50% of each chardonnay and gamay.


  • Assemblage – chardonnay and gamay from eight vineyards
  • Released May 14th, 2021
  • Product 750ml: CSPC +63722 | SOLD OUT | 265 cases
  • Product 375ml: CSPC +63716 | SOLD OUT | 150 cases

2020 sparkling rosé – cavada

Our Cavada sparkling has a cult following now and is always the first to sell out in our vineyard series.  Located just up the hill from us, Cavada gamay is consistently elegant with a slightly floral nose and a crushable raspberry finish. Even though it spent only a few hours on skins, the colour is much darker this vintage.  This will be the last vintage as the property has recently sold so grab it while you can


  • 2020 Sparkling Rosé – Naramata Village
  • Assemblage – 100% Cavada Vineyards Gamay Noir
  • Released April 6th, 2021
  • Product 750ml: CSPC +63713 | SOLD OUT | 215 cases

2019 sparkling rosé – westbank

We love the unique flavors that come from West Kelowna vineyards, “Westbank” to locals, being heavily influenced by the volcanic soils at the foot of Boucherie Mountain.  We haven’t had fruit from this region since 2016 and we’re delighted to showcase it again.


  • 2019 Sparkling Rosé – Westbank (Kelowna)
  • Assemblage – 100% Thacker Vineyard Gamay Noir
  • Released April 6th, 2020
  • Product 750ml: CSPC +94842 | SOLD OUT | 315 cases

2020 sparkling blanc de blancs – king

King Family Farms Chardonnay is the back bone of our vineyard series blanc de blancs line up.  Consistently producing  that traditional toasty, yeasty nose with a classic saline finish, like Champagne, we are delighted to work with this fruit each year.


  • 2020 Sparkling Blanc de Blancs – Naramata Bench
  • Assemblage – 100% King Family Farms Chardonnay
  • Released June 1st, 2021
  • Product 750ml: CSPC +63730 | $32.90 | 450 cases
  • Product 375ml: CSPC +63725 | SOLD OUT | 150 cases

2019 sparkling blanc de blancs – westside

We haven’t had fruit from the west side of Oliver, BC, since 2014 and we were quite excited to work with it again this vintage through our relationship with Mt. Boucherie Winery.  Coming from the Golden Mile this fruit is enhanced by the glacial deposits at its toes.  With the extra year of bottle age this bubble has a classic toasty palate.


  • 2019 Sparkling Blanc de Blancs – Westside (Oliver)
  • Assemblage – 100% Chardonnay
  • Released January 1st, 2021
  • Product 750ml: CSPC +69430 | $28.90 | 230 cases

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