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As a winery, we have learned the importance of having quality, healthy fruit as the basis of our products. As consumers, we place importance on having foods that are rich in nutrients, raised humanely and respect the environment. As farmers, we understand the importance of having a healthy, balanced ecosystem at our homestead.

All of our discussions and decisions here at Bella always seem to come back to one main focus: the health of our soils.

The more we continue down this path at Bella the more we realize that taking care of the soil can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the products we grow and produce, as well as our own health and our impact on the environment. We strongly believe if we can relay the importance of knowing where your food, and/or beverages, come from and how it is farmed and prepared, we can change the world, for the better.

With this in mind, our goal is to put together a dinner series to build a broader conversation around the importance of where ingredients come from and get away from the standard “wine maker’s dinner”.

Whether here at the Bella homestead, or on the road at like-minded establishments, we envision the series having a chef partner with a purveyor that provides ingredients that inspire the chef. The dinners will be intimate (approx. 8-20 people) to encourage dialogue on topics related to farming and the food and beverage industry. Ideally the chef and purveyor will join us as they are an integral part of the conversation.

Imagine like-minded people sitting with a farmer, or a forager, or a fisherman, and a wine maker, or a spirit maker, or a brewer and a chef. Discuss ingredients, share techniques, be passionate about sustainability, learn about “dirt” and see where the conversation leads us to ensure future generations have a healthy diversity of foods to nourish them.  Food. Talks.

Could this start a movement? Maybe. If we motivate and inspire just one person to start making a difference in their own way then we feel this series is a success. Cheers!


March 10th – Ubuntu Canteen, Vancouver – Chef Dave Gunawan and Cropthorne Farm explore the sublime, subterranean world of the potato.  The evenings discourse will dig into gardening practices, cooking techniques and the importance of knowing your Farmer!  In addition to some new releases of our bubbles we’ll also highlight other beverage producers that we think compliment this conversation: Lock and Worth, Syncromesh and Creek & Gully Cider.  Tickets are $85 (tax and tip included) for four earthly courses with wine pairings.  As Chef says: “Let’s get our hands dirty and discuss!”.  Tickets can be purchased here.

April 7th – Prince George – CANCELLED due to COVID

April 15th – Dachi, Vancouver – CANCELLED due to COVID

May 12th – Wildebeest, Vancouver – CANCELLED due to COVID

June 9th – Mackenzie Room, Vancouver – TBD

July 26th – The Paisley Notebook, Naramata – Chef Aman Dosanj and Bella Homestead will feature locally sourced ingredients.

October 27th – Farmer’s Apprentice, Vancouver – TBD

December 2nd – Forage, Vancouver – TBD


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