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For their first date Jay Drysdale took Wendy Rose and his dog (their chaperone) truffle hunting just outside Portland, Oregon.  It was a daring move to take a gal away for a long weekend but it gave the two ample time to get to know each other.

They discovered they shared rich, deep, culinary backgrounds: Jay as a retired chef, currently working in the wine industry, and Wendy having grown up in a household where her mom was a chef and her dad’s only hobby was wine.

Somewhere on the I-5, after a flurry of eHarmony-esque questions and answers, Jay decided Wendy was the one, and chose to reveal the deal breaker: Jay had always wanted his own boutique sparkling wine house, preferably located on waterfront property in British Columbia. This was non-negotiable and he was already down the path to achieving it. True to her coastal California roots, Wendy’s response was genuine: “Dude, that is so cool!  My family has been importing bubbles as our house table wine for decades.  I’m so in.

As their love grew, Jay and Wendy knew they wanted to make bubbles together. Not just to make wine, but to make a product so closely associated with good times and celebrations, that it honours how fortunate they feel to truly find the love of their lives. They want to give thanks, and celebrate each other plus all the little things that happen every day. Things that lead up to two strangers going truffle hunting and all that can follow…

And that is what they do – every day. Celebrate today. They hope you’ll join them. Cheers!


Oh ya … and the dog’s name? Bella.

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