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kelowna, british columbia

Kelowna is a city on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley, in the southern interior of British Columbia. Its name derives from an Okanagan language term for “grizzly bear”. The climate of Kelowna is humid continental with dry, sunny summers and cold, cloudy winters. Okanagan Lake as well as the blocking barriers of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains to the northeast tend to moderate the winter climate, but Arctic air masses do occasionally penetrate the valley during winter.

Beaumont Estate VineyardAs stewards of the environment, the family proprietors of Beaumont Family Estate Winery, Alex, Louise, Scott, and Alana, have systemically built up thirty six acres of vineyards in West Kelowna, “Westbank” to the locals.  Beaumont Estate Vineyard has been 100% certified organic since 1995. The vineyard is at the foot of Boucherie Mountain – a remnant of a former strato-volcano created nearly 60 million years ago.  The volcano once stood at over 2000 meters. Today it stands only at 417 meters in height due to high winds and the years of glacial drift.  The site enjoys a spectacular due south view of the lake and Okanagan Valley and the lands are rich in glacial deposits of mineral and organic matter, occasionally remnants of rhyolite and andesite rocks are found in the vineyard.  Through our relationship with Alex Lubchynski, Bella Wines is honored to produce a sparkling wine from certified organic fruit to showcase this micro-climate and attention to organic farming practices.



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