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keremeos, British columbia

Keremeos is a village in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, in the Similkameen Valley DVA. The name originated from the Similkameen dialect of the Okanagan language word “Keremeyeus” meaning “creek which cuts its way through the flats” referring to Keremeos Creek which flows down from the Upper Benchlands to the Similkameen River that runs by the village. Local legend claims the name means “the meeting of the winds” and joke that the only time it’s calm is when the wind blows equally from all four directions.

Robin RidgeThe geography of the Keremeos area ranges from cottonwood groves along the river, to dense orchards and farms, to desert-like landscapes along the bases of the surrounding mountains, up to alpine peaks and plateaux on top.

Located on the arid ridge of the northern bench of the valley, Robin Ridge Winery uses the Geneva Double Curtain Trellis style to allow more light into the fruiting zone while at the same time increasing the surface area of the canopy. This allows the grapes to become optimally ripe producing intense and unique flavours. The ten acre vineyard site is comprised mostly of rocky alluvial loam. Millennia of advancing glaciers as well as stunning rocky hills and mountains have contributed to the complex, stony soils of the valley. It is these soils, the intense summer sun and the drying, refreshing wind that brings about such distinctive wines.

Tim and Caroline Cottrill, owners of Robin Ridge, have developed a good understanding of how to extract the most flavour from their piece of terroir. They believe winemaking begins in the vineyard with regular trips through the vines to thin the fruit and reduce yields to produce intensely flavoured grapes.  Bella Wines is delighted to have access to the Similkameen Valley to produce a sparkling wine that is truly indicative of this unique micro-climate.

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